Business Outline

1. Promotion of mutual understanding

●IHCSA engages in various international exchange activities, such as training, seminars, and lecture meetings, designed to promote international mutual understanding.

2. Newsletter and other publications

●IHCSA issues a newsletter (in Japanese) and other publications aimed at promoting international understanding.

3. Support for invitation of foreigners

●For foreigners invited to Japan by the Japanese government, government-related organizations, and others, IHCSA plans itineraries for stays in Japan, coordinates all the necessary arrangements, and provides warmhearted hospitality so that foreigners can get a good understanding of Japan and enjoy their stay in comfort and safety.
Responsible team: ” Team4″

4. Organization of international meetings and seminars

●IHCSA assists in the organization and management of international meetings, seminars, and other events.
Responsible team:Team4

5. Language services

●Through its top-quality interpreting and escort services available in any language, IHCSA’s resourceful Task Force provides valuable assistance to foreign visitors to Japan and facilitates the smooth implementation of international exchange activities.

6. Support for diplomatic and consuler activities

●IHCSA dispatches staff to Japanese diplomatic missions in foreign countries to provide lateral support for Japan’s diplomatic and consular activities overseas see the team:Team1 and 2

7. Coordination of overseas travel

●IHCSA uses the latest information to smoothly coordinate overseas travel for the staff of the government, government-related organizations, and other entities traveling abroad on overseas posting, business trips, inspection tours, fact-finding missions, and so on. Our services cover everything from itinerary planning to ticket and hotel reservations. Responsible team: Team4

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